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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Bunny

The township library was closed on the day of Easter and I had decided to make my trip to return the books very late in the evening. Although the library was closed,
I could return the books and DVDs through the drop boxes. To make matters simple, there was a drive-in drop box and my daughter was very happy to offer that she will
drop the books and DVDs from the rear seat of the car.

It was really dark and almost 8pm when we reached the library. There were very few lights and not a single person around. From the main road, I took a right turn to the library and proceeded to the drive-in drop box on my left. Suddenly I noticed a small object, around the size of a tennis ball, on the drive way. The impulse was natural and I braked. The alert driver in myself, not the self sitting behind the wheel, somehow knew that this was not something I would expect on that road.

In the seconds that followed, we could figure out that it was a baby rabbit. It was alive but alone. Its eyes did not show any fear and I assumed that it still thought of this world as a safe place. It did not move even in the head lights. I decided to scare it away by moving a little bit closer and ended up with the hood of my vehicle obstructing a clear view of the bunny. My wife was screaming to me to stop and get out.

Myself and Minnu (my 6 year old daughter) got out from the car and closed in on the bunny. My kid was showing signs of joy having the opportunity to spot a baby rabbit in the middle of unexpected circumstances. I am sure that she will have a story to tell her friends after the spring break. I looked around to check whether I could see any signs of its habitat or its mom; with failure.

A question popped up as to whether we should leave the bunny there or take it home. Both had its own dangers and advantages. It was possible that the rabbit was lost or its mom had died/not returned. It was not safe out there in all respects. But at the same time, if the mother rabbit had in fact returned after we took the bunny home, it would be a disastrous situation. We finally decided to leave it to fate. After allowing the bunny to move away from the driveway, we returned home. It is sad that I do not know the end of this story. Probably this incident will help my daughter realize that not all stories end with "happily ever after".

Before bed time, while helping her to brush her teeth, I took it as an example to teach her the consequences of getting lost and the importance of staying together. She held me tight and it occurred to me that the Easter bunny had brought her a present. A beautiful lesson.


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