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Friday, June 09, 2006


In the blog world, I saw:

An elephant, big, black, Indian: I called it 'reservation'.

A mahout, poor but strong: I called him 'backward caste'.

A second mahout on top of the elephant: I called him 'creamy layer'

Elephant droppings: I called them 'complaints or drawbacks'

A man on horse: I called him 'forward caste'

A crowd for the tail hair: I called them 'economically backward'

Bystanders: I called them the 'politicians'

Blind men (and women, of course) who went to see the elephant: I called them 'bloggers'

In the blog world, I heard:

"Kill the elephant", for all those elephant droppings.
"Let me pass" , because it is blocking me.
"No! Let it live" , as it feeds me and a family
"Come down" , you can't ride on top all the time
"Give me a hair" , that's what we ask for
"Widen the path" , for the time being

And today I plan to start watching FIFA World Cup 2006 where the so called 'reservation' or 'quota' exists in the selection of teams from continents. Of course, with forwards, backwards, midfielders, defenders, referees, linemen, spectators, goalkeepers. I have a serious concern for QUALITY. Ooops...


Blogger Myna said...

Velu's comment (accidentally deleted)

The whole issue has indeed left a bad taste in the mouth ~ forward, backward or whatever. When it moves from senseless to worse, one can only remain apathetic and let things take their turn.

Happy chirping!

7:31 PM  
Blogger Myna said...

There are millions of reasons to call for sweeping changes in the educational sector. But who cares?

"Swantham karyam sindabad"

7:39 PM  
Blogger Pradeep said...

I am one who hates labels: whatever be it: whether it be gender, language, religion, nationality or caste.

I do agree with your viewpoint. Actually, what we should be opposing is not reservation... (it is being made out like that); but a willing lowering of the bar, if at all it is there.

In all this noise, no one has bothered to clarify this crucial point.

For equitable representation of all sections of society we need reservation.. I don't think there are two opinions on that. There is definitely a need to extend a helping hand.

But at a stage when "clearing of a level" is expected, rules have to be applied uniformly.

Sadly this very simple thing is overlooked in all this noise.

Even in sports there is reservation; but not to the extent that one section of people need to run only 500 meters when the race is actually 800 meters. In World Cup, rules apply equally to all 32 countries who are there kicking the ball. A poorly developed nation is not given any special consideration.

12:09 PM  
Blogger Myna said...

We tend to forget one fact that within a category the candidates have to compete. So the notion of 500 and 800 is actually wrong. I have seen similar arguments but that is under the impression that none of the students in so called "quota" categories are going beyond a particular level. Is that correct? Nobody can relax as competition is always there.

Does reservation say that anybody who is getting 500 can get in? NO! It says that within that category if the top ranked one is having only 500, he/she will get in.

Whether the helping hand reach to the needy is the real question!!!

Probably, the idea is same as that of judiciary. An innocent man should get justice.....

6:16 PM  
Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

Interesting perspective. Loved the similes.

Is funny how the government hides the hypocrisy that is 'reservations' behind a mantle of seemingly serious BS.

3:16 PM  

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