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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Fine Answer!

What is the most used three word sentence in English? Well, you know about two words and I don't want to write about it. Is it 143 (One Four Three that stands for the number of letters in I Love You) or 333 (Triple Three that stands for How Are You)? I would bet on the latter as I feel that love (as opposed to romance or sex) is a phenomenon that is rarely found these days. And to make things better, I also think that meaninglessness has found a meaning above all in this current world. So I would give my votes to that little sequence of words we use it quite often with all true sense but purpose.

Being the first set of words that would start a conversation even among strangers, How R U has become so common that the answer to it is almost known and hence any other reply is not expected. It is useless to answer anything different because nobody is really interested. It could be part of courtesy but it could pass for fraudulence too. In this context, it was natural for me to get interested in the answers to this lovely useless enquiry!

Consider this reply which is the most common. "Fine! Thank You". Or is it "Fine Thank You!"? Probably the second. Saying thanks is a quality that is found among most people. Because it is easy to 'say thanks'. And it ends there. So a polished (fine) 'thank you' can easily pass as a reply to the three word buzz 'How r u'. Or to make it better, give it a shot like 'Fine! Thank You and You?'. The ball is in other party's court and having answered the obvious a smile comes to our lips. Let's listen to what party B has to say. "I am Good". That is selfishness. He is saying that he is good and rest are not. Or is it that "I am doing Good"? Probably. I am happy that I am doing good and I would be better if others are not because that makes me feel good.

"Better", says a confident lot. A better answer to escape from the monotony.

"Not Bad" is not a bad answer as it keeps "Bad" as the benchmark. An expected reply from the pessimistic.

"Okay!". Here comes the perfect one who says he is not yet mad.I am okay and I will tell you if I am not. So send me to the mental hospital when I say otherwise.

"Usual!". I have been telling you everyday the same and today is not different. Why do you ask me?

I know that it is crazy. But then this a crazy (and unfair too) world. Lets accept it and go on. That brings me to my favourite reply.

"No Complaints!"


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