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Friday, February 03, 2006

Gods Must Be Crazy!

Talk of the town is freedom of expression. There are feelings hurt because newspapers from some countries have published caricatures which is forbidden in the religion. Media can talk about freedom of expression but they will have to answer the lack of imagination to convey the same message in a better manner without hurting the feelings of a set of people. It looks highly offensive because media knew that it was forbidden and still they went on to publish the same. Interestingly, in order to deliver a message, they have chosen an entire religion or its leader as the target subject. That generalization is a big mistake. Goods and citizens of the country of the media are targeted which again is wrong. An otherwise focussed message is blown out of proportion and this is misuse of freedom.

Any religion, I believe, will have the strongest roots to withstand such issues and it will remain to be so. More than the God, each religion has a culture that makes this world diverse and less boring like any variety we can imagine. If revenge is the order of the day, we are underestimating the power of God, be it any religion, to save the religion. If God can create, sustain and destroy, then why is there a need for human beings to step in? Peace can only be restored with respect and love as revenge tends to get repeated infinitely.

There are rules that control governments, judiciary, religion etc. There are rules for almost anything in life. Isn't it a tragedy that media (originally a set of human beings themselves) do not have any control? Gods must be crazy to let out that bug in an otherwise perfect program!!!


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