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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Birthday Wish!

I am getting long weekends, mostly three days, in US. A luxury which was not available in Dubai and a time to recharge the batteries so that work is never boring. It was a long weekend with this Christmas also. So on saturday morning, I sat on the Poang chair recently bought and decided to make phone calls to a lot of friends and relatives to wish them Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It was 24th December and it meant that I had completed 31 years on earth. I did not have any plans to celebrate the birthday as I usually do it as per Malayalam calendar following the star, Aswathy, on which I was born. Still I got a call to wish me happy birthday. It was not unexpected as the person had never forgotten to say it till we met eight years back. I used to get a Rakhi from the same person regularly for the last eight years. It was nice to talk to her on phone. We might have talked for more than 30 minutes before deciding to stop.

I called home and it did not take long. Each recharge on the long distance calling plan would limit my talk to the number of minutes available. Can relations be kept as healthy as it was with less than 10 minutes talk every week as compared to the everyday presence? It is a question I ask to myself regularly. In the next 2 hours, I talked to only two or three friends but each call I took a good amount of time to complete and by the end of it, I was totally exhausted. Wanted to call many but could not. The evening was spent outside and came back late night. The next day, I went on a Boston trip which required a lot of time and concentration. It also demanded full attention to the places, friends, their family etc. I came back the next day night tired of driving the whole day. Could not call any other friends or relatives and by that time Christmas was over.

I had always wished to be the first in wishing others but never made it. It requires a good deal of effort than sending a one line mail that says "Merry Christmas or Happy and Prosperous New Year". It is cheap; does not cost a penny; and meaningless, so I can send it as much as I want. Given a chance, will I do anything to make it good for others? That is when somebody is in real need or when somebody is in bad health. Will I be able to make a point that I do care? Will I be able to spend a little for those who are in desperate need of money and can't find it easily? I understand that it is possible with a little effort. By not forgetting to say I care or I love and by not hesitating to spend some money that would otherwise afford me a hair cut or a lunch or a toy for my daughter. Help, however big or small, matters a lot. But be reminded that it matters only if provided in time. So my birthday wish is to make me wish others in time and to do whatever possible to make it fulfilled.


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