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Friday, December 02, 2005

Baby's Day Out

Hi all. My name is Minnu and I am turning three on 8th of December 2005. Actually my name is Sruthi Lakshmi Suresh (Whoah! What a long name?) and my parents must have found by now that it won't work in the long run. I am the (un)fortunate and only daughter of the working couple, Suresh and Sindhu. Well, to be honest, my mother is not working. She is doing her PhD in one of the universities in New York, a dream destination of many around the world (I have to figure out the reason!). My father is a software engineer (even now?) but says he is working for a bank. So should I believe him? I have to get along with him more to learn more as I have been deprived of his presence in the past due to circumstances that were beyond my control (and his too). I have always been with my mom as my dad was working abroad and my mom did not want to get rid of her job at home (my dad supported it too). Honestly, I have been with my grand parents as my mom was away at work till evening most of the days of the week. I have only shades of memory about grand parents from my father's side and his relatives. Those counting me as the luckiest must be sick to say so. I wish they knew! One of my friend is telling me that his mother is planning to work or do higher studies and I wish good luck. I swear, it is by no means easy!

These days I wake up at 4AM just because of an alarm my mom has kept for an early reading as part of her PhD. As I embrace sleep again, another alarm sounds at 4:30AM which is set up in case the 4AM alarm is missed. By this time my mom is already in front of the computer and her books. So I turn to my dad who is struggling to go back to his sleep. I am disturbed in the middle of a good (or was it bad?) dream by a 6AM alarm. Time for my dad to get up and go to office. Why is he still sleeping? I am sure that he must have another alarm set up for 6:30AM. Are my parents crazy? Can't they just keep one alarm and get up at the first sound of it? Okay! What is my dad doing now? He is placing the blankets and pillows so that I will be protected from cold and a possible fall from the bed. So nice of him. But sorry dad, I am not sleeping.

Now there is a marathon I am going to witness with all fighting for the only toilet. Isn't it bad luck that my parents have a beautiful home back there with four toilets inside and one outside (specially made with old fashion)? What are they up to? What is that spear my mom holding? Oh! It's my tooth brush. She surely is bringing to me. Now you are going to witness my tricks and how I am going to avoid this one today. She surely has her own up her sleeves, but man believe me, they do not work any more. She admits her surrender and is now asking dad for help. Does he has time? If yes, I am doomed. Otherwise I would survive for this day. Isn't it cruel that 3 year olds have to go through all these twice a day? My parents talk about worms and bad smell but I don't feel anything. They are so tricky, you know! What about a biscuit straight from the bed? Yummy!

Good that I learned some English (I agree that I use some of my mother tongue for words I do not know, but you know that I am not Shakespeare) after landing in US. I am now at ease going to school where Grace (they say she is black and I don't see that!), Maya (it certainly doesn't sound like the name of a spanish kid), Alan (there you are!), Stefany (my parents pronounce it Stefaaaaaany where the correct one is SteFFany) and a good set of others will be waiting. With eating, playing and learning, it is good fun! Who is crying to go to school? Shame on you! Okay! okay! I do but that is because I feel bad when my mom leaves me in the morning. But can't you see that I am alright after 5 minutes? In the next few hours my home will be empty. I will wait for my dad to come at 6pm in the evening. 8:30AM to 6PM in a closed single room with a bunch of kids who are going to shape tomorrow's world. And I am not yet three years old. Is it the same everywhere?

I am sad that my mom is not at home. At 6:15PM, myself and my dad enter the living room and I can see that he is also not very happy. But as he used to say, we do not have a choice. Now I will continue my everyday routine to make a mess of the house with my toys scattered here and there, drawings on the walls (I no longer do it as my dad was so angry one day), recorded voice from toys that would make even Mother Teresa a terrorist, parts of biscuits and chips. Poor dad. He thinks that he can make a better home with that vacuum cleaner that does not work any more. He is picking up the dress I have removed. Gee!!!! I had only 4 pieces and now it is in 5 different places. He will go nuts any time now. I like to keep it where it belongs but you know. It is funny to see my dad in angry mood. Wait! My trump card is spoiling my diapers. And he is going to
have a tough time to get me to the bathroom. You know! I enjoy the slightest opportunity because I don't have many.

Now me and my dad have taken bath, I will play for some time to get dressed. I am going to refuse whatever dress he selects. And I will ask for the wierd combination which will make him think of new tricks to make me believe. I have to surrender as we need to get out in time to catch my mom from her college at 8:15PM. I am going to get one of my book (although I do not read it), that red skirt which he did not allow me to wear and probably the bottle that contains vitamin tablets. I am sure that my dad will agree to carry even the whole house to get me out as he keep watching the clock. What if I ask for that Golden colour watch on his wrist? Probably in the elevator in front of others! You know my dad! In this country, you can't scold me for anything and don't even think of touching. I will call 911 and you are in deep mess. So better behave yourself and obey. Is that the reason why there is so much crime within school kids these days? No! Its because they have an IQ less than 2 and their parents do not even know what and where Dubai is.

This time I will sit properly in the child seat. I do not mind the cops. The reason is that the normal seat is a bit cold. I know dad that you like that song. But don't play it. I want the next one. Fine and thanks. Is it mom calling on that mobile? (I will break that antenna one day! Think about it one more time when you buy mobile next time.) Don't you know that driving with a mobile in your hand can get you a fine? Poor dad! He is on the highway and he does not have a choice. We are now just 2 minutes away from the union of the family in the middle of New York City. We might go gome or I will insist on a dine out. I look forward to any opportunity where I can stamp my authority. My mom gets in and delivers a hug and kiss. Since I do not get it quite often, I cherish these moments. My dad might wish to but you know we are from India where we don't do it on streets. I might as I am in US now. As I lay back on my seat pondering over various bright ideas that I have to implement before we all go to sleep, a smile comes to my lips over my dad's comments to his friend over the phone the other day. He had a proposal to president Bush for withdrawal of troops. Why don't he send us, the chicken little, to Iraq? That is the best compliment I have got todate!


Blogger R.Nandakumar said...


btw, the name 'myna' brings back some old memories, for self.

remember vishu 1997 you were wrestling with a big question; the iit mallu faculty children presented the catchy song 'kannadikkoodum kootti' (that was the first time i heard it) and we all had payasam at the end of the show. whenever i hear that song, i remember that vishu (and i feel the iit staff kids did a better job than the bunch of hefty 'professionals' who danced to it in the movie; but i am digressing!).

recently i heard the tamil version of the same song. it goes 'mynave mynave!' - a bit of a coincidence there! the only fly in the ointment is that the myna seems to be considered feminine in folk tradition and in that song!

9:48 PM  
Blogger R.Nandakumar said...


9:49 PM  
Blogger Myna said...

Thanks Nandhan bhai!

How can I forget that lovely time period when, as you said, I was wrestling with that most important question of my life! The same group of children had presented more in previous and next years as well. One of the song was "Manam thelinje ninnal" from Thenmavin Kombathu.

Going by the blog community, I thought Suresh may not have an identity, Suresh T. Bhaskaran will be a bit lengthy and so decided to make it short. Why not the latest nick name from Dubai, I thought!

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautifully written..

1:47 AM  

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