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Thursday, October 27, 2005

God's Own Country

The think tank of Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Polit Bureau, has found out that information technology is also an area where strikes can be called for. This was the only area where it was missing and CPI(M) and its trade union CITU would be more than happy to see it implemented in the IT sector.

There was a time when communist thoughts were riding the minds of the youths as well as labour class of Kerala. True that it had brought many historical changes in the landscape. But it has to be admitted that the party and its brains had remained largely in the past while forgetting to accept the present and to move forward to the future. Its leaders now lack the vision and is mostly blinded by the power if not the willingness to learn. State of other political parties are not better, if not worst.

Kerala will most likely be the state with most number of official holidays. In addition to that, strikes and hartals bring the state to a near zero in terms of development. How many productive days are available to a worker or student, thanks to the collective effort of all the political parties. I would definitely say that it could be close to half of the number of days in the year. One day or more out of the 5 working days are lost. Will anybody with a clear mind invest in Kerala? And how then canwe bring jobs for the masses?

Forget the saturdays and sundays. Forget the holidays of festivals for each and every religion that exists in the state. Each and every political party that ranges from National and Kerala Congresses with all the letters of english language contributing to the fathers and sons and national figures, the hindu christian muslim leagues and outfits, the nairs, the ezhuvas, the student unions, the trade unions. Can't it be easily seen that Kerala's industry and education get very little out of all these parties?

The hard core communists, while during their study period, but when moved to out of state or country, I have noticed that, do not approve of the current state of God's own country. The strikes and hartals might be needed but a sane person cannot digest why it has to be for the odd reasons or why the tax payer's money need to be destroyed in the form of KSRTC buses or state vehicles or department offices. Ultimately the chief minister or home minister won't pay from their pocket. So is the opposition leader or the person who called for the strike. It comes from the public. It comes from the poorest of poor who still survive on less than a dollar per day in Kerala. How will the state grow if the economy is not supported well? Probably the parties want the masses to remain poor and ignorant!

NRK (Non resident Keralite)s often find amused and frustrated at how pathetic is the functioning of the affairs in the state. There is no program that speeds up processing which had led to large corruption at most of the government offices. It is widely believed that opposition parties need to show mutual exclusion with the ideas or developmental activities of the state. Although the state is run by much of the foreign money sent by NRKs, life is not simple for an average person who return to the state for holidays or for good.

Keralites have the greatest ego that they are the best and they know everything. True that they are smart enough to beat anybody in the business, but isn't it possible that the story of the frog in a well that has not seen the world is missed or purposefully forgotten? People in Kerala need to know that there is a better world out there and that there could be better ways to progress or development than living with red, safron or tri-color flags. After almost 6 decades of freedom, we are still deprived of many things that do not cost much.

Every child born in Kerala deserves more. They have waited so many years and its a crime that the surroundings haven't changed much. They deserve better or there will be a time that they will question us. And we will have to run for covers then if we do not ask the question ourselves and act, now! Oh! I forgot! Most of our children are now born and brought up overseas. How thoughtful we are! Long live Keralites. Long live Kerala. God must be wondering when he signed on the papers of adoption of this lovely state. Highly likely that it is on a hartal day.


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