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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hindu Government

No! I am not going to talk about a particular party coming to power in India or Nepal or Bhutan. Also I am not going to talk about the politics in countries like Suriname, Trinidad & Tobago or Guyana where Hinduism is practised . Rather I would like to talk about the distribution of power among Gods of Hindus with my own interpretations.

I must make myself clear that I am a God fearing person but that does not mean that I will not take advantage of the strong roots of Hinduism because I know that it is not going to be uprooted by my sayings. AlsoI believe that Hinduism as such is not a religion but a culture. It has the highest level of freedom that persons like me can try to interpret it in own ways. I haven't read in any vedic writings that the protection of this great culture, like many other religion, has been given to a person or a set of people. It can protect itself. If not, it is not good to be followed.

The Gods at the helm of the government are Brahma, the creator, Vishnu, the sustainer and Siva, the destroyer. This trinity of Gods share powers that are sort of mutually exclusive and there are many instances where they have shown their inability to venture into other's arena. The powers also show the cycle that every human being need to go through. It is easily understood that there is an end to everything.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Brahma knew it even before the mortal scientists and so came the concept of soul. The body perishes but not the soul. There are countless instances of certain Shakti (avataror reincarnation) that got created for a purpose (mostly to kill or steal). All of it was not new, but a new form of an existing power meant to do certain business. Otherwise there could have been thousands of Gods more than the numerous ones right now we have. But to the disgust of super powers, the perished evils came back in another form. Rules were good for gods as well as evil spirits.

I find it interesting to note that wherever there is good governance, there will be a good set who will not allow it to happen for their own sake.Ther are selfish motives that govern topplings of governments or support of governments. The most important fact is that the sets remain the same, whether the government or the opposition. It only rotates. It never goesout. The beneficiaries are within the set and democracy suffers.

Coming back to Hindu government, there is chief minister (Indra), irrigation minister (Varun), electricity minister (Agni), Health minister (Aswin brothers), Defense minister (Ganesh), Environment minister (Vayu), Minister for light (Surya), Minister of death and related affairs (Yama) and it goes on. As more and more quakes hit the earth, more and more hurricanes crush regions, gas and oil reserves touch bottom lines, global warming makes news, I find it interesting to see a culture that has found divineness in each and every thing on the earth. If we could act a bit more sane towards nature, it would definitely matter a lot. For the generations to come.

This culture has given more importance to women than any other religionsI have learned so far. This government is an Equal opportunity employer. There were goddesses of prosperity, music, education, finance. Saraswathy, Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Parvathy, Ganga. All found respected positions. The half man - half woman (Ardhanareeswara) concept truly resembles the kind of importance that women enjoy in Hindu culture.

The birds, animals, water, fire and what else. Name anything that needs to be sustained or needed and that had been given a place in the literature.True that bars, dances, alcohol and even call girls gets pictured that makes this a culture that has foreseen the global world.

Religion is what you follow and practise. There has to be a place for everything in this world. We must coexist and we must respect each other. We must learn to respect the resources too. History teaches that violence cannot bring peace. Only peace can bring peace. It is through self respect and, more importantly, respect of others, true peace can be achieved.

Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Gods must be the same. Only forms are different. They preached the same but in different languages with same meanings. Interpreters made it difficult for the unwise. Don't give up your abilities to think and learn. There are whites and blacks. But it is not by your color but by your actions. It is not by your race but by your sayings. It is not by what you preaches but what you follow.

Who are you? A White or Black?


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