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Friday, November 25, 2005

Tomorrow Never Dies!

Yesterday was the T-Day in US. Thanksgiving might be the most celebrated and awaited time in US after Christmas. Probably more than that. I had read about the great dinner that families host on this day and the good time they spend together. It is the beginning of the holiday season that would last till Christmas or new year. It reminds me of the festivals back home and the great times I had with my parents, brother and relatives. The wait for the holidays were worth as ultimately when they arrived, I had something to remember for the rest of the season. I always looked forward to the trips to join my cousins at my grandparents' house after a sumptous lunch at home. Sadly, I used to miss the big occasions due to illness or examinations and always wanted to grow up to enjoy it to the fullest.

It will be a shock for many as they switch from the student life to an employee life as it happens with less time in between. In my case, the excitement was there and by the time I got established at work, time had passed with many big occasions leaving a word called 'Miss' to remember. At home, when the holidays hit you, you are always there. But once you are outside the district or state or country, it would become difficult to be present on each and every occasion. Modern world brings a lot of work pressure and the normal man might miss out on the basic enjoyment, if he is not careful. Jobs demand a lot and there would not be many days that we could enjoy taking off.

After marriage, it is even more difficult as the number of relatives are doubled when you and your off days remain the same. I have always found many parents struggling to get in terms with sharing a newly wed couple for holidays. Both sets want their son or daughter on the lunch or dinner table at the expense of the other. This is a tricky situation which many resolve by taking turns or not attending to it at all. The completeness of the festival is lost for one side and that stress takes away much of the charm of the occasion. There are couples who spend lunch time with one family and run for the other to make it for the dinner. Eventually everybody loses as the stress and strain is too much to handle and gets reflected in words and actions.

There is a joy in sharing. And many enjoys it too. But when it comes to their children, I doubt the outcome. Can't life be much simpler than it appears? Or is it that we are giving too much attention to it or the details? Thinking about it once more, I understand that there were only me, my brother and parents on the lunch table. Today it is me, my wife and my daughter. I learn with much difficulty that my joy should be in sharing it with my daughter when I can't make it to others. I also understand that I should stop complaining and enjoy my life as it happens. There is no tomorrow that I can wait for because now I know that time does not wait for me.


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