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Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Mountain Goat

Slow and steady wins the race. That's the philosophy the goat tells himself as it sets on course for the top of the hill. The goat admires the height of the hill, respects the ones who have been on top before or those on their journey up or down the hill. There is a target and as far as he can reach it without blocking others, the goat is happy and does not mind the discouragement or criticism. Why am I talking about a mountain goat? Simply because it is the sign that corresponds to a Capricorn and I am a Capricorn.

The world of Sun or Zodiac signs was one area that always fascinated me and I used to spend time to read books on them, mainly by Linda Goodman or on web, for the sheer pleasure of learning the behaviour of people and the possible influence on them by the time and location of their birth. One article had given a scientific twist claiming that since earth is mostly filled with water and there is scientific evidence on tides getting influenced by time of the day or moon or stars, it might be attributed to the character of human beings too because human body is also filled with lots of water. Frankly,I do not know much about it, but it is fun for me and that's why I read it.

People of all races of all times had been drawn to palmists, tarrot readers or astrologers mainly because most of the lot were anxious to know the future. The wise feasted on this anxiety (the same way insurance companies work now) and saw into the past, present,and future through crystals or betel leaves. General comments and reasonable assumptions fed the needy and they left for home satisfied while those with eyes into the future survived.

Rather than looking to what would happen to me tomorrow, I wanted to explain some of my behaviours, which I found common in many who were born as Capricorns, in the past and present and reason about why I did not behave in a different way, which I have noticed others who were born in other signs doing consistently. I had spotted a man cleaning the sides and top of the washbasin more than once. He was well dressed and looked taking too much time for cleanliness, be it on clothes or wash basin. I asked him whether he was born in September and he almost burst with surprise "How did you know?". He was a Virgoan. Another time, while on lunch table, I told one of my colleague who happened to be an American that Taureans, Capricorns and Virgos make the best match in relationships and she shot back asking me then why her marriage failed? She was a Capricorn and her ex-husband was a Taurean. Later she explained that it was because of the difference in cultures that led to the divorce and wished him success.

I learned that Librans are always behind a career while those born in Cancer sign will make the closest family ties. I also learned that Sagitarians are a bit luckier than the other signs when Geminis always go back and forth showing twin characters. Taureans are tall people, more in character if not in physique. It is highly likely that your superior was born under the sign Aries. Think that your wife shows true characteristics of a woman? She must be a Pisces. What is the sign your friend was born who looks a bit possessive on you? Nothing but Aquarius! And where is that commanding voice coming from? He looks like a cat or Lion? And who is that multi-talented, but a bit jealous, friend of yours? She is a Scorpion!

The best matches are always 6 signs ahead or behind. If there are some predominant characteristics for a person born under a particular sign, it makes sense to match them in relations for the simple reason that some of the behaviours are easy to go with another set. No wonder why matrimonial columns are filled with information on signs as well. Next time when you find somebody who behaves in that peculiar way, learn with the help of signs under which they were born. Although I did not follow it for my marriage, I find it too fun to be true.


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