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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Psychology of Blogging

There is no reason for me to believe that what I write in this blog is good for reading. It can be attributed to the lack of comments or the lack of confidence in my own writing. Still I write. I keep on writing and that forces me to think on the real reasons for my obsessiveness on blogging. The more I think about it, the more I am becoming clear.

First of all, it allows me to speak up. There are painful experiences from the past. There are mistakes committed that taught priceless lessons. There are disturbing tales of the present. There is wisdom achieved over time. There are messages of caution. Fears for the future. And above all emotions -- happiness, sorrow, anger, disgust, fear -- that would break me unless I take it out of my heart. Hence I discharge. Probably that is the most pleasurable activity in this world (in all respects).

Secondly, it makes me to improve on a language, English, that I haven't mastered yet. Every day a new word is pushed to my inbox by one of the internet sites and even if I do not remember the 365 words, I would definitely learn at least 50 words a year. Writing, and fear of others reading it, polishes my skills on the use of the language.

Third I must consider the good intentions of passing on the wisdom. Everybody has it. As the proverb says, "Learning from others is wise". So if there are wise people out there, they are always welcome.

Last but not least, it is the satisfaction of somebody saying good or bad about your words; your thoughts. Not necessarily the comments. True responses. Responses triggered not because of obligation or with the intention of getting publicity. Probably it reminded them of their childhood. Possible that it allowed them to take a wiser decision. Or it could have inspired a greeting or a "thank you" card or "get well soon" wish or "I love you" message.

Blogs have made this world to shrink and allowed us to express and expand. It saved us from the boredom of emails and enhanced the power of thinking. In September 2005, a google search took me to a lost friend Nandhan bhai and introduced me to this beautiful world of blogging. From then onwards, I could see this world from many perspectives; thanks to the historian of Kodakara for his witty and simple narrative style, thanks to the creative discussion on kids and parenthood triggered by this blog from Kuttiedathi , thanks to Achinthya for inspiring me to write this post through one of her comments and the command of the English language I found in her blog. And of course, thanks to the numerous bloggers for their blogs and comments in these and other ones I have not seen yet.

Keep going! Keep blogging!


Blogger Achinthya said...

EEEeeekk am I to be the first here?

MMmm ...Myna, as for me, I dont, even now feel comfortable about baring my soul to the whole world. They say that it has got the therapeutic effect, as u say, the dischargal. May be yes, I dont know.Im learning the trick. I ve seen people write beautiful stuff without giving out much about their personal self. Im a disaster in that.

And language? MMmm... there again, I have my own doubts. I agree, there sure is a certain kind of apprehension in the thought that anyone could read it , and might disapprove. Again there is a sense of fun in taking up the challenge with nonchalance.But do we do anything to imptrove our language merely to blog? I dont think so.

Oh yes, we love the adulation and acceptance. But thats just it.

OOopss...I forgot. I feel honoured. Really . I never thought that my comment would act as the fallen bird to inspire ur post.Jai Valmiki.

10:23 AM  
Blogger R.Nandakumar said...

yep, whatever be the comment-count one keeps at it!
of course, as achintya says: one loves being appreciated but that is not THE thing!

keep it up!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Myna said...


11:01 AM  

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