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Friday, September 08, 2006

In the market for ....

Finally I decided to go for it. Everybody in the family was compelling me and the pressure had mounted more than I could handle. I had acquired a license at the age of 18. So the next day onwards, I started looking for the models of the year I wanted. On my journey to work and back I watched my right and left. The search was on.

I had a list of requirements. Color was of top most priority. I wanted to get noticed. Ivory was my first preferance. If all other requirements were met, brown or even black was not a problem. Brand was certainly one of the item in the list. Something that suited my status. Since I started my search a bit late, there were very few available in the market. The more I waited, the best was going with the rest of the world.

I knew that it will add additional monthly expenses but then that is part and parcel of the package. But there are things I would save if I look it from a different perspective. I had to be careful as there was no return policy. I did not have kids then but wanted to accommodate atleast two. I did not want a fully loaded one but I would have liked a lot of accessories. Cash back was welcome. I wanted it first hand even if the model was one year plus or minus. A scratch or two was okay but accidents were out of question. A multi-utility one was always in my wildest dreams. Look and feel was another criterion, mainly front and back. A rear-spoiler was desired but optional. I wanted a navigator to guide me if I got lost. I wanted a smooth noiseless run for years with less maintenance.

"Cut the crap man! Then what happened?"

"I had to forget it as I had a love marriage".

"No! I am asking about the vehicle."

"What vehicle? Oh! I went for a SUV if thats what you are asking about!"


Blogger Pradeep said...

Enjoying life better now, I guess!

1:37 AM  
Blogger Macadamia The Nut said...

Lost in randomness... a different kinda humour

3:02 PM  

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