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Thursday, December 06, 2007


I am confused because some times I do not know what is right and what is wrong. Don't assume that it is a simple issue. In fact, I believe that is much more complicated than it actually is.

I am not very sure whether it is right or wrong to download and watch a recently released movie from the internet. I haven't paid for it but then it is available for free. I do not know whether the site has actually paid for it to show this free or the producer or distributor is getting a share of it. The same is true for the CDs/DVDs that becomes available on the street just after the release. Okay. You might say that they are illegal. I take it.

Look at this. I have rented a tamil movie (on tape) for $1. The shop, to my knowledge, is legal and in in the business for quite some time. Is it legal to watch this movie at home? There is a good chance that the DVD was available (not necessarily for this region/country) and the shop owner has made copies on tape. Or it is possible that source of the movie is from an illegal download/sale (which again is debatable). Lets move on.

I take the rented movie and take it home and my friend and family joins to watch the movie. I rented it, they did not. Is it legal for them to watch it as they did not pay for it? Leave it.

I bought a DVD, watched it and then my colleague borrows it. Is that legal if he watches it? Is it legal if he watches it with his friends/family? Is it legal for him to lend it to one of his colleague or friend?

Using pirated stuff is against my ethics :-) But I download music and listen to it on my iPod. Ilisten to songs online. I distribute songs that I have downloaded. I have no clue how many of that songs are legal and how many of them are illegal. I have no clue on whether the producers or distributors are going to get a share of the advertisement income. Move on.

I think I can't even borrow a book to read whether it is fiction or educational as I am not paying for it. I can't ask for that pen to write. I have no idea whether that was stolen.

I am still confused on whether to publish this. It is just possible that somebody had already wiritten the same. Or at least thought about it. And I will be making a mistake. Let me reiterate. I am confused.


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